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June 21st     Alpha 0.5 released!!

It's there, on the downloads page! The standard version, plus the 3dfx enhanced version. Please read the information on the page, and enjoy.

New in this version:

  • 3D Modes improved

  • Stability improved - runs all night !!

  • CD Track skipping with arrow keys

  • New cool waves

  • AutoRepeat of CD (unless you skip tracks)

  • Double Sound option - increase the effect of the sound

  • 3D Fast mode (less triangles, faster to display)

  • Plus more!

June 19th     3Dfx Screen shots!!

I've put up 5 screen shots from the 3dfx version - for those that want to see what is coming...

I've started up an email alias for people who want to register Cthugha, visit the registration page for more info

DethKarz Screen Shots!!
If you want to see screenshots of DethKarz (the 3d accelerated car racing/combat game I've been working on) then visit Beam Software's E3 page

June 16th     glCthugha!!

Sorry about the delay with the new Cthugha. Last night I started converting the 3d code across to OpenGL so that other people can use it if they want. If anyone knows how to work with paletted textures in OpenGL then send me some email. If I can't figure it out in the next 24 hours, then I'll update the 2d version, and update the 3d version later in the week.

June 12th     ICQ list set up

I've set up an ICQ list of Cthugha fans, so you can chat amongst yourselves while waiting for the new version... Go to my Homepage and click on the button to see it.

June 10th     New alpha soon

Ok guys, I know you are all hanging out for a new alpha. I worked on it over the weekend, and am almost ready. I've added some new modes, and fixed some more bugs.

  • Fixed the screen flashing problem

  • Fixed one memory overwrite crash

  • 4 or 5 new modes (from MaCthugha)

  • CD repeat play (if I can figure it out properly)

Expect this alpha in the next few days - honest!!

June 5th     E3 News

If you are lucky enough to be going to E3, then pop over to the Beam Software stand (Stand #4563) and tell them that you are a Cthugha fan, and you think I'm really cool :-) Ok, maybe you can leave the cool bit out, but stop in anyway - I'd love to see their faces when they get back to Australia and tell me that all these people were asking about me and Cthugha!!

May 27th     Life...

Looks like life keeps getting in the way of programming...

There's a cool new icon...    Cthugha97 icon have added Cthugha97 to their MUST HAVE list!! - Cool!

May 16th     More 3D stuff soon

Hi again,

Sorry about all the confusion with the 3dfx version! The next release will have more cool things, and may even work without a 3Dfx (but you'd better have a pretty good machine to try to match the effect of a 3Dfx!)

May 7th     I surrender! - alpha 4 released

OK, I surrender... Here are the new Alpha versions...

Some important notes: There are two exe's, but if you get the 3dfx version you can still run without a 3dfx (as long as you get the Glide 2.3 DLL from 3dfx) - I built the two exe's because the 3d version still has a crash-bug...

The new version supports PCX and TAB files, although they look pretty silly at times.

I didn't want to release this yet, but it has some important fixes and I thought I'd better get them out for people to check against...

May 6th     Almost Done

I know that nobody believes me any more, but I really am going to do a release this week!!! I've just found out I can use the Glide23 libs for the 3dfx, so look for something cool!

April 30th     Getting Closer

The new version is close, I've just added the option to ignore the DirectX error (for NT users) and am waiting to see if it runs without crashing in 800x600...

April 29th     Slight Delay

I have to go back to an earlier version of the 3dfx Glide libraries to be allowed to release this alpha to the public, so I'll be another day or so... (The pains of the cutting edge!)

April 28th     3Dfx version and new Alpha

Looks like I'm running a bit behind schedule, but I'll have the new alpha out this week (hopefully by Wednesday). I'm busy trying to track down a couple of bugs that are causing the machine to lock (I think they are PCX related)

The new Alpha (0.4) will have:

  • PCX support

  • TAB file support

  • 3dfx support built in (although not very exciting!)
    (This will require a new TAB file format in the near future, but for now I will still run with the old ones)

So, keep an eye out for the new version!

April 23rd     3Dfx version info

OK, looks like there's alot of support out there for a 3DFX version of Cthugha!!

I'll put the 3dfx version up when I put the new Alpha, sometime this weekend...

Right now, the 3dfx version is pretty simple - I just wanted to prove it could be done, and it can!!

April 21st     An Update!

Sorry about the lack of updates!! - I've been hard at work on a new project at Beam. I've been looking for the 800x600 bug that everyone has been reporting, and managed to find a memory underwrite that may have been causing it - but I can still cause Cthugha to exit with no reason - Doh!.

I've been working on a 3dfx version as well, the card is very cool - I can upload the Cthugha image as a texture and do whatever I want at a great frame-rate. If you go to CGDC or E3, you might see Cthugha there on the 3dfx stand.

The new alpha (0.4) will be out next weekend - it should be even more stable, and won't require dinput.dll. I might put the 3dfx version out if enough people are interested in seeing it (it's not that exciting right now, but its still cooler than the plain Win95 version)

(Let me know if you want the 3dfx version:

March 31st     New Alpha 0.3 released!

Changes in this version:

  • New Audio code - should reduce 'popping' sounds

  • Keyboard support (limited) - now you can feel like you have some control

  • Fixed some of the waves and flames so they don't crash the system!

  • CD control is better (but not perfect!)

  • Splash Screen, Reminder and tips (just to annoy you all!)

  • Locked to a maximum of 30fps (for this version) - will allow user to set in future versions.

  • Palette code different (less impact on the system)

Let me know what you think of this version!

March 29th     Soundscape Solution!

Solution for Ensoniq Soundscape now in Troubleshooting section.

Thanks to avid Cthugha fans we now have a solution to the Ensoniq Soundscape problem!

New alpha coming soon - Fixes include:

  • 800x600 bug

  • Keyboard support

  • Memory overwrite bugfix

  • Better audio support (No popping!!)

March 24th     New Troubleshooting section

This area will have information that should help you get Cthugha97 up and running on your machine - please check here before emailing with your problems!

March 24th     Alpha 0.2 now ready (and called Cthugha97)

This alpha has heaps of new stuff. Some preliminary CD controls, more video modes (including a 320x200 mode for those with slow computers). Please have a look!!

New Email address for Cthugha feedback:

March 22nd     Another memory bug found

Found another memory overwrite. Beefed up the sound code to read at 44k stereo (it was at 22k) - this makes a small framerate improvement on faster machines. Currently working on timing the flames to see where I can speed things up

March 21st     Mouse Pointer Bug found

This morning I fixed the mouse pointer bug, and at least one memory overwrite bug. If I can figure out how to get a triple buffered flipping 320x200 surface from DirectX, then the next alpha will support 320x200 (for people with slow computers).

I've reduced the number of particles from 5000 to 4000 (not that noticable, but helps the performance)

I've heard that you can play an MP3 audio stream and Cthugha will react to it - but you need a very chunky machine to do it!

March 20th     Current bug list

I know about the following bugs:

  • Wrong version of DirectX causes crash

  • Mouse pointer not disabled

  • Only works with DirectSound compatible soundcards

I'll be updating with a new EXE at the start of next week, to try to overcome those bugs, and add some more features.

March 19th     Some problems solved

I think I've solved the mouse and toolbar problems for the next alpha. Please report any other problems (or comments) to me at

March 18th     Alpha 1 released!

Cthugha95 Alpha 1 is here! It's packed with limitations, but it will give you a view of things to come, as well as letting me know that technically things are working!

Be sure to check back for more Alpha's in the coming weeks, until I get to the final version!

March 17th     Crash bug solved

I'm back from a golfing weekend (Rich River). I solved the crash bug in the alpha on Friday night - seems I was accessing element 323 from an array of 320 elements!

March 14th     Alpha almost ready

I'm almost ready to release the Alpha version of Cthugha95.

This version will need a pentium, Win95, and DirectX 3.0. It will simply run without any options being available - just to test the compatibility with various sound and video cards. The full version will have all the options you know and love, along with some cool new features.

Overview:     What's new in Cthugha97 ???
  • Cthugha97 is a native Win95 application

  • Cthugha97 should support all sound cards and graphics cards

  • High Res (640x480) and possibly high-color

  • Midi support (tired of CD's ??)

  • New modes

  • Smooth palette changes

  • plus more!

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