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- Downloads -

Program     Current Versions (standard & 3Dfx)
 Cthugha v0.6 (HTTP)
Please note - the 3d version of Cthugha requires an ancient 3dfx card!
This zip file only contains the updated executable programs, so you will still need the data files from previous versions. Note that both the standard and 3Dfx versions are included, but the 3D version will not work without a 3Dfx-based video card and Glide2.3.1 (or better). You should be able to obtain the latest Glide drivers from your manufacturer, or on

Program     Previous Versions (standard & 3Dfx)
Cthugha v0.5 (FTP)    Cthugha v0.5 (HTTP)  
Standard Cthugha beta. For people who don't have the power of that extra-D :)
Cthugha 3dfx v0.5 (FTP)    Cthugha 3dfx v0.5 (HTTP) 

If you want to use the 3dfx version of Cthugha, you will need to have installed the Glide2.3.1 (or better) drivers on your machine. If you are using a VOODOO RUSH board, it will work, but you should use the drivers supplied with the board (or a later version).

You should be able to obtain the latest Glide drivers from

Coming Soon     glCthugha and D3dCthugha
  I am currently converting the 3D code from Glide (3dfx) to OpenGL, which will mean more people can use it (although it may not be fast on unaccelerated machines).

After that, I will convert the code to Direct3D.

Extras     Additional files
If you don't have it, and Cthugha complains,then grab it.
Support Files
Additional files for Cthugha:
Available from, these are required to run Cthugha97.
Or try at Microsoft's web site for the same files.
Soundscape Driver
Required (so I am told) for uses of the Ensoniq Soundscape card.

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