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Cthugha Registration

Do I need to register Cthugha?


Unless you are using Cthugha commercially, or you particularly want the additional features listed below, you are under no obligation to pay for the use of Cthugha.

The features in the registered version are cool, but you don't need them to enjoy Cthugha. Registration is available for those who wish to use Cthugha in performances, or commercially, or who just like Cthugha so much that they feel they have to pay money for it.

The registration fee is quite low (if I set it any lower it wouldn't be worth the effort to get cheques cleared at the bank and pay the required tax!), so I'd appreciate it if those who would like to use the program commerically would register it properly. Thanks!

So, what's in the registered version?

The registered version does not yet exist (see below), but when it does it will have the following features (in addition to all of the regualr features of the free version of Cthugha):

  • Save and load individual flame combinations at the touch of a key.
  • Scripting - time based, key based or CD track based.
  • Automatic change of flame settings according to CD being played.
  • Permission to use the program in public performances, or for other commerical purposes (e.g. for making video-clips).
  • Whatever other cool features people request!

OK, How much will it cost?

Currently I'm planning to offer the registered version in two different ways:

  • Direct transfer of the registered version to your machine via ICQ, NetMeeting, or an equivalent product.
    Cost: about $20 (AUS)

  • Airmail postage of a gold CD-ROM with the registered version.
    Cost: about $30-$35 (AUS), depending on postage to your country

When will it be available?

Well, first I have to get the standard version working, obviously. And I don't know quite how long that will take... Then I have to add the registered version features, which will take a bit longer...

Delivery will be not too long after the normal version is done. Is that precise enough?

Well, how do I register?

For starters, I don't want any money yet - all you can do now is let me know you are interested, and what features you think should be in the registered version.

If you want to be put on the mailing list to be informed when the registered version if ready, please fill out the following form carefully. Don't send more than one application, as I have to edit the list manually, and you'll just get extra copies of the mail. If you have any problems, or ideas, contact me from the main page.

Cthugha Pre-registration form

         if CD, what country:

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