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- Trouble-shooting -
Known problems and fixes

Sound     CD problems with Soundblaster

Solving the CD problems with the new Soundblaster drivers (also works for other cards):

  1. Go to the sound mixer
  2. Click on File
  3. ... Options
  4. ... Properties
  5. Select 'recording'
  6. Make sure that the CD has it's volume up and is selected
    (or Midi or Mic or Line, or whatever)

Files     Missing DINPUT.DLL

Check the Downloads page.

Sound     Problems with the ESS1688 Chipset

It appears that the ESS1688 chipset is unable to perform full-duplex recording of CD audio, which will prevent you hearing your CD while running Cthugha.

These answers are from Nik Makepeace who has an ESS1688. (The questions were mine):

Can you record CD audio with the windows media recorder ?
I can record CD audio using sound recorder, but I can't listen to it while I am recording it.

Is there a full-duplex toggle for the ESS in it's settings for Win95 ?
I don't know where to look for this one (I had a fairly extensive root around for such a toggle) but I remember from once upon a time seeing it, and it was a permanently greyed-out box saying half-duplex and with a tick in it. Consulting some technical documentation also affirms the ESS1688 is capable of half duplex and no more.

Sound     Soundblaster 16/AWE not working

Visit the Creativelabs web site and grab sbw95up.exe

If it still doesn't work, go to the driver settings in Control Panel System, and toggle 'Full Duplex'.

Solved by:

Sound     Ensoniq Soundscape not working

Visit the Ensoniq web site and grab the legacy Driver.

If it still doesn't work, go to the driver settings in Control Panel System, and toggle 'Full Duplex'.

Solved by:

Video     Packard Bell machine not working

People who are using a Packard Bell machine with the S3 chipset, should get DirectX 3.0 & updated drivers from:

Other "versions" of DirectX do not work properly on these machines.

Solved by:

Hardware     Cyrix Chipset runs slowly

Cyrix Chipsets run Cthugha very slowly, and I'm trying to find out why - if anyone knows, e-mail me at

General     Display not synched to music

There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Cthugha doesn't always react the way you expect, it sometimes generates images based on the 'feel' of the music, not the last sound it heard (especially in the flame-based modes).
  • If the frame-rate is low (under 12fps) then it's also likely that Cthugha will be too slow in some places to see the real connection with the music.
  • Treat Cthugha as an artist - sometimes you just won't get it, but enjoy the moments when you do!

General     Send me other bugs!

If it is causing a problem for you and it is not listed here, Send me a description!

If you know how to fix one of the problems listed here, Send me the fix!

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