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Latest GPC News:  

06-Mar-2003:    Lots of coverage in the last couple of days on TV, Radio and newspapers: reviews
05-Mar-2003:    GPC Released in Australia and USA !
05-Mar-2003:    Added Korean release date

05-Feb-2002:    Removed Guestbook since I don't have it working at my new site

11-Dec-2002:    Added two more reviews (in German), scoring 86% and 83%
08-Dec-2002:    Grand Prix Challenge has won four awards at the Australian Game Developers Awards:  Best Game of 2002, Best Game on Next-Generation Consoles, Best Game Audio, Outstanding Visual Arts and the Award for Programming Excellence.

04-Dec-2002:    If you are in Melbourne, Australia, you can get a sneak peek at GPC at the Australian Game Developers Conference this weekend.  Grand Prix Challenge will be displayed at the CodeWarrior stand at the conference.

04-Dec-2002:    Added link to the F1Gamers GPC Specific forums here 
02-Dec-2002:    Vote for GPC at the F1Gamers poll here
28-Nov-2002:   Added official Grand Prix Challenge website link here
28-Nov-2002:   GPC featured on 3-RRR's "Byte Into It" radio show. Lead Programmer Adam Boyle and Designer Mark Morrison were interviewed.
27-Nov-2002:   Added some more User-Reviews here
26-Nov-2002:   Added a good high-speed link to the ingame footage video here: videos
22-Nov-2002:   GPC has a been released in Europe!   Read the first user reviews here
22-Nov-2002:   I've updated these pages to be a bit nicer on the eye, but you can see I'm not a web designer :)
20-Nov-2002:   I had to move the videos around a bit due to massive traffic

EUROPE RELEASE DATE:            22-Nov-2002
USA RELEASE DATE:                    March 2003 (yes there is an NTSC version of GPC)
KOREAN RELEASE DATE:          Not sure of exact date, somewhere near Aprill 2003

Grand Prix Challenge is the game I've been the Producer on for the last 18 months (approx). It's been kept a tight secret up until now, which meant I couldn't tell anyone about it :-( But now it's finished and I'm putting this page up to show my friends what I've been doing (much like my GP500 page)

So, what is GPC ?
Grand Prix Challenge is an F1 racing game for the Playstation2 and has some of the best looking graphics you've ever seen on that console.  It runs at a rock-solid 60fps with 22 cars and is (in my opinion) the best F1 game made for the PS2 ever!

Of course I'm slightly biased because it's been my life for the last 18 months!

The team that worked on it can trace it's history back through Lemans (Dreamcast, PS2), GP500 (PC), DethKarz (PC) and you can see the same dedication and enthusiasm that made those great games has continued in the making of this game - it's something that we are all very proud of.

Here is the European box art, use the links on the left to see screenshots/videos and more about the game

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