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July 27, 2004

AGDC looms... brain freezes

After last years successful talk ("Monkey Madness")I'll be talking again at AGDC this year... except that I'm currently drawing a blank as to a good topic to talk on.

Initially I was considering a followup to Monkey Madness, talking about more automated testing on games, but I'm not sure thats going to have enough for a full session.

I'm looking for inspiration that doesn't break any NDA's or company confidentiality - which makes it harder... and for a topic that is both interesting and useful. Last years talk had a fair bit of "obvious" items that many in the audience had not considered or tried (lets face it, we're too busy trying to ship games to stop and think!)

Many of the best talks that I've attended over the years (GDC/AGDC) have almost always left me with ideas that were obvious in hindsight but required someone to stand there and point them out. (well, that and Chris Heckers incredible ability to squeeze 8 hours of spoken word in 45 minutes!)

I guess I'm just looking for something that will grab peoples attention rather than putting them to sleep - and something that is applicable to both jaded old-timers and excited newbies :-)

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July 26, 2004

Switched over to MovableType

I've switched my blog over to MovableType, very very cool blogging software.
As you can see I haven't quite got the layout of the main page sorted out yet - one step at a time :-)

Special thanks to Travo for getting me started with his own blog script a year and a half ago.

Other people I know who are using MovableType for their Blogs:

Jon Eaves
Chris Mayer
The Burfitts (yeah, thats actually me)

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July 02, 2004

IMDB entry

I've now got an IMDB entry, so I'm now one step closer to getting my Kevin Bacon number :-)

IMDB for Kevin Burfitt

IMDB is the Internet Movie Database, a fantastic record of every movie ever made, as well as a large number of videogames.

While I'm yet to star in a movie or TV series, I do have my own entry listing the two games I've produced (Grand Prix Challenge, and Transformers).

Previous titles I've worked on are not yet listed.

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