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June 29, 2005

iTunes Podcasts !

Nothing to do with games, sorta...

iTunes 4.9 has been released, and it supports Podcasts natively (grabbing the latest episode, removing old ones, transferring to iPod, etc)

Damn, thats fine :-)
I'm subscribed to Dr Karl from triple j, but what I'm really hanging out for is StarStuff from ABC Newsradio to become a podcast.

To make this gaming related I'll mention that there are lots of gaming related podcasts in the iTunes list... but StarStuff is what you really want if you are a geek :-)

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June 28, 2005

Sony PSP - part II

Last week I purchased a Sony PSP (Japanese, v1.50). I've been playing some Tony Hawk but I think I'm getting old because the game uses so much skateboarding terminology with the assumption that you know it - and I don't :-)
Meanwhile I've just ordered Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee which is very closely related to Maro Golf on the GBA (probably my favourite handheld game over the last couple of years)

But did I buy it just for the games ? No.

Some of the things I'm doing with the PSP:
(I'm buying a "512mb memory stick duo pro" for these, theres not much you can do with the standard 32mb stick)
- Slideshow of some of my favourite photos
- Converting video to play on the PSP with PSP-Video9 (Freeware)
- Trying some Homebrew with the PSP (there is now a KX-Exploit for v1.50 firmware). With any luck someone will get a basic version of Mame running on it :-)
- hoping to find a basic webbrowser to use the PSP over my wireless network
I will not, however, be using it to play MP3's - I have a perfectly good iPod to do that :-)
I won't be buying any UMD movies either!

On an unrelated note, Battlefield2 ROCKS! - the squad play and commander play mean that there is some great teamwork going on in some of the games I've played, very promising! I play as "Zaph" on the OGN, Internode and Bigpond servers - but only the "Ranked" servers.

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