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September 29, 2005

What I've been playing

Recently I've been playing a lot of GuildWars with our usual crew of gamers. I find it a nice halfway house between an offline game and something like WoW or CoH.

Moles has posted some screenshots of our intrepid Guild (Torps)

Thats it for PC games at the moment, I have been BetaTesting Windows Vista and Battlefield 2 refused to run on it (just popped me back to the desktop, no errors, nothing...)

On the PSP I've been playing Hot Shots golf. This is the game that's saving the PSP from gathering dust (in my opinion). Playing 6-7 player wireless tournaments at lunchtime at work is fantastic! The only downside (and it's a big one) is that anyone who has Everybodys Golf (The EU/AU version) cannot connect to our game. That makes little sense to me since the game itself appears to be the same other than the title and some audio files.

Finally, on the XBox I'm playing Burnout Revenge. This is a great update to Burnout with just a few flaws that detract from an otherwise fun game. I play on Xbox live, my gamertag is Zaphus - feel free to join me for a game! I'm trying to become a bit of a Crash expert at the moment :-)

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