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What I do: 

I work for Atari Melbourne House

2003-now (current position): I am currently the Technical Producer on our new Transformers Armada game for the Playstation2, I'll post more details here once they are made public - you'll be blown away with what we're doing on this one!

2001-2003 : I can now tell people what title I've been producing for the last year and a half...   It is "Grand Prix Challenge" published by Atari  (see my page HERE) - it's an incredible F1 racing game that I'm really proud of - I think we've lifted the playing field on the Playstation 2 for racing games, I hope others agree!

2001-now : In a cool twist of fate I have stepped out of the Programming world to enter the evil world of Producing.  I am now the producer on our latest title, a secret Console game that cannot be named at this point. This means I am now in charge of a massive team of Programmers and Artists who I have to help guide to making one of the best games we've ever made. The buck stops with me so I'm in for some 'interesting times' as the Chinese would say :)  I also have to make sure we ship the game on-time and on-budget!

2000-2001: I also hold the position of Technical Director of two of our Playstation2 titles, Men In Black, which is going to be cool ! and the award winning Lemans game which is being taken to the next level on the Playstation2

1999-2001: Technology Development Group Lead, Infogrames Melbourne House.  The TDG is a team of programmers dedicated to the development of the core systems used by our games. These systems include the 3D engine, sound, physics, particles, AI, Scripting, File system, UI system and are written for the PC, DreamCast, and other next-generation consoles (PS2, Xbox)

1998-1999: Lead Programmer on GP500 (Microprose)

1997-1998: Co-Lead Programmer on DethKarz

1995-1996: Lead Programmer on Microsoft Full court Press

Prior to 1995 I worked for Vision Control International, working on the F.A.C.E. Facial Identification system for the police, as well as other tools for the Forensic Police. I also worked on other cool graphics stuff back then, it was a great place to work - but when the chance to work on games arrived I had to move on :)

Games I've worked on:

Work In Progress

2001-2  Grand Prix Challenge (PS2): Producer

Completed titles

2001-2  Men In Black (PS2): Technical Director, TDG Group Lead (all systems)

2001-2  (Cancelled project: Harley)  (PS2): TDG Group Lead (all systems)

2001  Lemans PS2: TDG Group Lead (all systems)

2001  Space Race PS2: TDG Group Lead (all systems)

2001  Lemans2000 (PS2): Technical Director, TDG Group Lead (all systems)

2000  Test Drive Lemans (Lemans 24hr): TDG Group Lead (all systems)

2000  Looney Tunes Space Race: TDG Group Lead (all systems)

1998-9 GP500: Lead Programmer, 3D engine

1997-8 Dethkarz: Co-Lead Programmer for concept stage. 3D engine and other systems DethKarz Logo
1995-6 Full Court Press: Lead Programmer  NBA Full Court Press Logo

KKND: misc programming and bugfixing  KKND logo  

Cricket97: misc programming EA Sports Cricket 97 logo

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