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StarLego Logo ImageStarLego is a short video that we made back in 1990, as part of our second movie "Real II".  StarLego has appeared at several film festivals and StarWars fan conventions over the years.

How we did it: We had access to a frame capture card (single frames) and a 286 (yep, we did this on a 286!) - we wrote our own frame capture software, and captured 32 frames at a time (at very low resolution), then played them back as a flipbook while pressing record on the video deck !. We usually only recorded one or two per weekend. The whole video took 8 months of work (weekends), and was the highlight of the movie for us. In 1998, we remastered the audio (which was in Mono) with the THX audio from the remastered StarWars movies. These days we could do the whole thing alot easier, but half the fun was proving it could be done long before the technology was available!


This is the first time we have made the video publicly available, although several StarWars fanclubs have copies that they show at conventions (you *cannot* show this without our permission).

If you want to know more about how we made the video, or just want to let us know what you think, please email us at: 'starlego' at this site


The Credits

FX II (StarLego) :
  link :
    Editor - moles, zaph
      Edited from 'The History of The Pink Torpedoes'
    Vocal Audio - Gaz
    CG & Audio Effects - moles
  LEGO sequence :
    Animators - Zaph & moles
    Special FX - moles
    Hair Stylist - Sundance
    Photographer - Robert Bagnall
    Epilogue Credits - moles
  Budget :
    $22 - Blue screen card
    $7  - Red Spray paint
    $25 - Misc Lego
    $5  - Sparklers
    $1  - Toothbrush
    $2  - BlueTack
    $20 - Blow Torch

Technical Specifications :
  Shot using Sony V200E, in stereo
   with Sony 8mm PAL Video Tapes.
  Video Edited using JVC BR-8600E
  Mastered onto QUANTEM Japanese
   A-Grade VHS Tapes.
  Final Composite edit
   Sony VHS deck

Computer Graphics :
 Hardware -
  Truevision Targa+ 16/32P
  Truevision ATVista4M
  Truevision PAL VidI/O box
 Software -
  Targa+ TIPS V1.5
  Vista TIPS V2.0
  TOPAS V3.5
  Targa+ Conjure (VCA S/W)
  Targa+ SideFX (V0.0 - V1.4)
    code totally cut by
    zaph & moles
    Here in Australia
  Blue Screen Software - Targa+ SideFX
  FRACTINT - Public Domain Fractal S/W V16.11
  Targa+ Inscriber V3.0

Special Thanks :
StarLego Inspiration
  DingBat Prodn - The Magic Portal
David Lawrence - for loan of heaps of LEGO
  (sorry about the burnt bits)
Vision Control Australia P/L
Joe's Burger Bar, 246 Bay St, Sth Melb 3205

Special Note :
Torps Productions would like to point out
that no Lego people, or stuffed toys were
subjected to cruelty, pain or torture during
the production of REAL II.
Well all except P.L.  Oh and we did run over
a few stuffed toys, and Garfield's still
in Re-Hab.  Actually now that I think of it,
there was a fair bit of violence.


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StarLego cannot be used for anything other than private viewing without permission from Zaph and from LucasFilm.

StarLego contains original audio, and some video, from the movie StarWars, which is used without permission - and therefore will be removed with no notice if the LucasFilm lawyers ever ask us to. We hope that LucasFilm appreciates the humor of the video, and the fact that it is totally non-commercial.

Download Sites

! MIRRORS NEEDED, but not so urgently any more!

(If you can mirror, please let me know by sending email to 'starlego' at this site) Files are zipped to prevent accidental 'streaming' viewing over the net.

Both versions are 384x288, 25fps (thats PAL video, quarter size) and run for 6.5 minutes

HIGH QUALITY: 53mb STARLEGO-HIGH.MPG MPEG1 150kps, with 128kbps audio.


FRANCE: (http)  New - Slow connection, but it works

AUSTRALIA: (http) STILL ALIVE (Not during Australian business hours, GMT+10)

AUSTRALIA: (ftp) !!FAST!! ***NEW MIRROR*** (fixed link)

USA: (http) ??? Not sure if this is still here ???

LOW QUALITY: 17mb STARLEGO-LOW.MPG MPEG1 50kps, with 64kbps audio.

AUSTRALIA: (http) STILL ALIVE (Not during Australian business hours, GMT+10)

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