TV Tuner software

The Team:

Coding: TV Recording - Zaph (Kevin Burfitt)

Coding: Monkeys - Razor.bak (Matt Curtis)


PLEASE NOTE, THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOADING - I will announce when a downloadable version is available.

The Software:

    Ever find yourself sitting at work realising you forgot to set the video to tape something special on TV ?  I have, and now that I have a TV Tuner card I find myself wishing I could send my home computer a message to get it to record something for me...  Now you can have a team of TVMonkeys at home - these TVMonkeys will make sure your shows get recorded for you, using many different methods of communication!

    TVMonkeys  is being built to fill a void in our lives.. the void created when we forgot to tape a show on TV and our TV Tuner was just sitting there not doing anything on our PC...  The basic goal is to have a piece of software that will record a show for you whenever it is on, recording over old shows etc (like a cheap version of  ReplayTV).  The interface is the important bit, we hope (with help) to support Email, Web, SMS and other methods of getting a show recorded...

Supported Hardware:

    Currently the only hardware I have is the PCTV USB, but I'm writing the code to be fairly generic so that it should work with any TV Tuner card that has WDM or VFW drivers. (if AMCAP.exe from the DirectShow SDK can capture on your machine, then you should be fine)



    Its free...  but we reserve the right to do a cooler registered version one day if enough people are interested...


Copyrights and Trademarks

TVMonkeys is our name for this product... If someone already has these copyrighted/trademarked (as of 21March2000) then we apologise, please let us know and we'll change the name. (but we doubt that anyone has TVmonkeys... monkeys are cool)

If you try to take these names after this date (21March2000) then we'll set the TVMonkeys on you...  and you wouldn't like that :-)



        Feel free to give TVMonkeys feedback on our Bulletin board: The Torps BBS

        We'd rather you use that than flood our email addresses, simply so that everyone can see everyone else's ideas!


Tech Info

The current ideas are:


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