Microprose GP500

Developer: Infogrames Melbourne House   Publisher: Hasbro (Microprose)

Official website: www.grandprix500.com

GP500 is an officially licensed FIM racing title that allows players to compete in the world-class FIM Road Racing World Championship GP 500 motorcycle circuit. All the tracks, riders and motorcycles are based on the 1998 GP500 season. 

I am the lead programmer for GP500, and this is a collection of screenshots and photo's that I will update when I have something cool to show (and when I have time to actually update the page!! )

Please note, Gp500 is not a Torps production, its a Microprose & Infogrames Melbourne House production

**UPDATE** October 2002:  Want to see my latest racing game?  Click Here: Grand Prix Challenge

Questions? email Zaph at this site

Awards ... for the game, not for this site :-)

Gamesmania award of excellence    Hotgames - 5 flamesHotgames - 5 flamesHotgames - 5 flamesHotgames - 5 flamesHotgames - 5 flames

**NEW**  X2DK4 Conversion Tool (unsupported) **NEW**

For the latest news, bike setups, ghost laps, and other cool stuff for GP500, visit these sites

The GP500 Store www.gp500.free-online.co.uk (new bikes, editing, etc)

(Previously I recommended www.gp500.net, but the site seems to have stagnated)

For official information about the game, visit www.grandprix500.com


The Official demo for GP500 is now out !

The Adrenaline Vault - GP500 Demo

3DFILES.COM - GP500 Demo

GP500 Videos

**NEW** GP500 AVI 1 (17mb ZIP) -Taken on a Celeron-300A with a Voodoo3 (AVI, MPEG4 codec), Added 1-Jul-99 **NEW**

GP500 Screenshots

**NEW** HiRes Set 1 - Taken on an NVidia TNT, 1024x768x32 - Added 13-Jun-99 **NEW**

Screenshot Set 1 - Taken on a Voodoo2, 800x600x16 - Added 22-May-99

Screenshot Set 2 - Taken on a Voodoo2, 800x600x16 - Added 22-May-99

GP500 Photos

These photographs are (c) Kevin Burfitt (thats me) - and you must ask permission from Zaph before using them.

Photo Set 1 - Philip Island 500cc GP 1998 - Added 22-May-99

Photo Set 2 - Kenny Roberts Jr, & friends, playing GP500 at Philip Island tests 1999 - Added 22-May-99

Link to www.gp500.net

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