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January 01, 2004

Links to areas on my website

This entry in my blog is purely here so that people searching my pages can find links to stuff thats not in the blog, hence the date being set to something arbitrary!

These links were valid in October 2004, it's worth looking down the right hand side of my homepage to see if theres something more recent!

Cthugha (the grandfather of all music visualisation programs)

StarLego (animated StarWars short, in Lego)

TVMonkeys (abandoned TV Tuner software, until I find more time)

About Zaph (about me) (my personal homepage)

Photo Gallery (my photo gallery)

Cool online games (a list of some online games I think are cool)

IMDB Entry (my entry in IMDB)

MobyGames RapSheet (my entry in MobyGames)

Games I've made:

Grand Prix Challenge
Other games (NBA Full Court Press, KKND, EA Cricket, Men In Black II, Lemans PS2, SpaceRace PS2, Test Drive Lemans, Looney Tunes Space Race, Dethkarz)

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