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What is Cthugha ???
  Cthugha is a program that listens to sound and displays graphics. It is sort of like an oscilliscope, but a lot cooler; the graphics Cthugha displays have flame effects, changing colors, and an alomst endless combination of attributes. Its sort of an interactive multimedia thing, at least it is interacting with the music.

Originally Cthugha was a PC-DOS program, but the new version is designed to take advangaes in Windows graphics. This new version is still being developed, but that shouldn't stop you from checking it out!

New in this version:

  • Cthugha is now a native Win95 application
  • Cthugha should support all sound cards and graphics cards
  • High Res (640x480) and possibly high-color
  • Midi support (tired of CD's ??)
  • New modes
  • Smooth palette changes
  • plus more!

Jan 24th 2001   What should I do with Cthugha???
  I've decided I must finally admit to myself that I no longer have the time to work on Cthugha. It's been several years since the last update - and I lost all of last years work in a bungled HD backup that lost the source, the backup, and the new backup (on 2 seperate HD's... don't ask)

Anyway, I'm thinking that I should just release the source to the Win32 version (perhaps through ) and let you guys do something with it...

If you have an opinion on this, please let me know...  

Mar 24th 2000    No news is... well... no news :)
  I've started thinking about the new version of Cthugha - and have made some commitments to build a special version for someone, so I *should* have something ready at the end of April.  This will still be a beta, since I'm just not happy enough with it to call it anything else.

Meantime, to save my mailbox from being overwhelmed, I've created a Forum here that people can discuss Cthugha (and my other projects) on.

BTW, Cthugha didn't make the shortlist for the Slashdot awards :-(

However StarLego *did* make it into the Internet Film Festival !

Jan 4th 2000    Nominate Cthugha for a SlashDot award
  Ok, its been a long time since I've updated things...  I promise I'm going to start work on a new Cthugha soon...

Until then, why not nominate Cthugha for a Slashdot award.  There is a category for 'BEST EYECANDY' (for Unix), and I feel that Cthugha is worthy of nomination (Cthugha runs on Linux, Dos, Windows, Mac, etc).

If you feel the same way, visit and nominate Cthugha in the BEST EYECANDY section.  

Who knows, if it wins I might even get the new version done sooner (sounds like blackmail to me!)

May 25th 1999    GP500 photos, SETI@home
  The game that I've been working on (and the cause of the delay with a new Cthugha version) has been shown to the public. See my screenshots at

Got some spare CPU cycles, then join up with the rest of us and help SETI@home - search for ET... and if you don't have a team, join ours ! The Torps

April 15th 1999    StarLego Released, a new Cthugha in the works
  I've released a movie that a friend and I made back in 1990/1991 - it's a Lego version of StarWars that runs 6.5 minutes - go and download it from my StarLego page !

Visit the StarLego homepage

I'm slowly working on a new version of Cthugha - but my real-life job is slowing things down. For now, grab the current version from the downloads page!

October 26th, 1998    Cthugha 0.6 released!!
  A new build is finally available! It is only a program-file update, so you still need the old data files present. Hopefully this indicates the start of a new series of updates!

The update includes code for standard 2D Cthugha, and 3Dfx-based 3D Cthugha. Rush to the downloads page now!

The Cthugha Development site has moved to new digs on Along with the move comes the first update in ages. There is a new version in the works, but no firm promise for when it might arrive.

Meanwhile the logo has been revamped. Anyone like it? Here is a small version of it for links:

Have a look around the mildly rennovated site and let us know what you think of it, and what you'd like to see here.

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